Omar has always believed that life is more than just personal athletic accomplishments. It is his competitive spirit that has driven him to thrive on the field of competition, however this same desire to give his best has remained part of his lifestyle aside from athletics. The life of an athlete has taught Omar valuable lessons that will carry on throughout life.

Beyond The Game

Although the passion for the sport of football is beyond measure, there is an understanding that life contains many more important aspects. It is this understanding that life is not always a single-minded focus that led Omar to realize his response to the world around him has a profound affect on the people he contacts directly and even those that watch from a distance.


In The Community

Being present in the lives of others goes beyond the cliché. It requires the dedication of time and efforts to truly impact those involved. Omar invests in the community through his involvment and sincere concern for the people in it


What Is Positive Living?

Our response to circumstances in life has an incredible impact on not only ourselves, but those around us….even strangers we pass daily. Positive Living is a mindset and attitude that this life is a blessing despite any setbacks, failures or hardships that we endure. It is also vital to have that positive attitude in our triumphs. Be a blessing to others.

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