Positive Living Award

The Positive Living Award is given to a Denver Broncos fan who has made a difference in the world through their attitude, their work and outreach to others. The generosity of spirit that our neighbors embody and use to improve the lives of others inspires us. We want to know who these people are!

It isn’t always the grand gesture; it might be someone who volunteers or works with a non-profit that goes above and beyond what is needed. Sometimes it is someone who quietly steps up in another’s time of need, supports a caregiver, helps an overwhelmed parent or provides transportation for an elderly neighbor. These people are great role models and those “little things they do for others” often mend hearts.

Grace isn’t a little prayer you say before eating a meal. It’s a way to live.

The winner of the Positive Living Award will receive TWO tickets to a 2015 Denver Broncos home game and pre-game field passes to meet Omar. There will be Six Positive Living Awards granted for the remaining Six Denver Broncos home games.

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