Eric Legrand


Eric Legrand, born 9/4/90, was a highly sought after All State Line Backer in New jersey – top 15 recruit to be exact. Eric Legrand accepted a full ride athletic scholarship to Rutgers University in 2008 with aspirations of a prominent collegiate career. Legrand was moved to defensive lineman where he improved every year, increasing his role and his presence on the D-Line. After showing signs of his most promising season in 2010, Legrand sustained a near fatal neck injury rendering him paralyzed from the neck down in a game vs. Army in October. Since the tragic accident, Legrand has miraculously regained sensation throughout his body and has been able to stand upright (with assistance.) Eric has also resumed his studies via skype, and has been making appearances and motivational speeches throughout the country. Not only was Eric making drastic improvements, but Eric was selected in the 20the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, fulfilling a life long dream. Legrand then retired shortly after to free up a roster space, but continues to work closely with the organization.


Eric serves as a daily testament to positive living and what positive living can do for you. Instead of a adapting a defeatist or pessimist attitude, Legrand wakes up with smile on his face willing to give it his all not just for himself, but for everyone who draws inspiration from him. He admits some days are of course better than others but he remains humble and faithful in his recovery. Not only has he overcome insurmountable odds, but he inspires and motivates people daily with his overwhelmingly positive attitude on life.