Bolden Provides Spark

August 31, 2012


Bolden provided Broncos with the needed spark to get the win in the Arizona desert vs the Cardinals. With the new kickoff rule in the Nfl, Bolden doesn’t get many opportunities to return kicks, but he made the most of this one. Bolden returned a kick for 103 yds to make the Denver Broncos history books for longest return. “I like returning the ball, so any time I can get my hands on it, I want to bring it out,” Bolden said. “But that’s not always the best decision.”Great to see Bolden healthy again, and that world class speed on display.





100 Day Sun Devil Football Countdown To Kickoff, Omar Bolden’s ‘Positive’ Impact

July, 17 2012



Bolden’s presence and influence is still felt on ASU campus with his positive mindset and relentless work ethic. Bolden made a huge difference at ASU on and off the field.








Broncos rookie CB Omar Bolden optimistic despite not playing in 2011

 June 7, 2012


Bolden sheds some light on positive living and his positive mindset despite missing his senior year due to an acl injury. Bolden trusts his work ethic, talent, and energy to compensate for his year long absence from the game.












Denver Broncos’ Omar Bolden Impresses in Camp: Could He Be Champ’s Replacement?

 May 17, 2012


Bolden was touted as “first round talent” by Coach Fox in regards to his mini camp performance. If all goes accordingly, Bolden will be Champ’s replacement in the near future, and Champ will be moved to safety.









Former Sun Devil Omar Bolden brings positive outlook to Broncos minicamp

 May 14, 2012


Bolden’s positive outlook carries over onto the field during Bronco’s mini camp. “It’s good to be back on the field, just competing again,” said Bolden, who participated in a three-day rookie minicamp that concluded Sunday. “Just to have the opportunity to be out here and play in the NFL and for the Broncos, it’s an amazing opportunity.” Bolden plans to be in the NFL for years to come.








Bolden Embracing His Opportunity

May 12, 2012 


Bolden is ecstatic to get back on the field. Despite sitting out his senior year, Bolden was still named captain and won the “Hard Hat” award for his work ethic and his leadership. Even though Bolden would have loved to play his senior year, he remained positive. “That was one of the few pluses of sitting out — I was able to grow mentally and develop more as a player as far as sitting back in the meetings and just watching the defense develop in front of my eyes.” Bolden is eager to take whatever position the Broncos offer him and make the most of his situation.







Bolden emerges as true leader for senior season

 November, 22, 2011


Bolden forgoes his opportunity to to enter the draft to bring a “Rose Bowl Championship” back to Tempe, Az. Unfortunately, Bolden tore his ACL in the first few plays of the spring game. Despite tearing his ACL, Omar worked hard and remained on the team and was voted captain by his teammates. It was tough for Bolden to have to take the supportive sideline position instead of leading the Sun Devils defense in the game that he loves so dear, but Bolden remained optimistic.









ASU’s Omar Bolden still making his presence felt

 August 23, 2011



Although Omar has taken a sideline position, Bolden’s presence is still felt at practice by being that vocal and competitive leader the younger guys need. Omar also boasts about some defensive players.








Omar Bolden seeks answers, but stays positive

 April 13, 2011


Omar answers question about the new look jerseys and when he’s expected to return to the football field. “I know it’s going to be a long road, but I’m just determined to get back as fast as I can,” he said. “When that will be I don’t know. … If I can get back to 100 percent (this season), I will play.”









Omar Bolden diagnosed with ACL tear

April 5, 2011


In heartbreaking news, Bolden tore his ACL. Coach Erickson is unsure when the Sun Devil All Star will be healthy again.